A Shubi Story

I’ve been thinking so much about my very first wire-haired dachshund named, Shubi. She was a remarkable pup and she traveled with me everywhere.

Shubi and mom

The beginning of her life started in Bavaria, and then after we “adopted” her she came home with us to Florida. As Jack was still flying then, I would bring Shubi and we would fly to Europe and meet him.

Shubi learned early on, to be quiet on an airplane. She knew to lie under a table at the European restaurants we went to, and most of all, she learned to be at peace, as long as she was with her Mommy and Daddy.

During one of our trips, we were heading to Northern Italy, but as it was getting late, we stopped at a Gasthaus in Austria. As we checked in, the owner told us to put Shubi in our room and he would make us a meal.


Now Shubi wasn’t happy about being left in this strange room, but as we left she sat down and was resigned to her plight.

We had a very nice hot meal and then headed back to our room. As we opened the door, there was Shubi sitting on a tabletop next to the door. The shocking thing was, the table was 3 feet off the floor, with no chair or any other way for Shubi to have gotten on top of it!

To this very day, I do not know, how one with such little legs, was able to get up on that table.

Yet, there she was. Sitting on top of that table waiting for us! The look of loving reproach was on her little face, but once I fed her and walked her she was just fine.

Shubi was an amazing girl, and I will miss her all of my days. The photo below was taken as I walked through a lovely forest in Bavaria with my friend, Otto. He and his wife had Shubi’s brother. And at my side is Miss Shubi. Always she was with me.


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