The Weekend Wrap October 26th

30380788381_d20cf8473a_kWell, I’d hoped to get all the household items done by Friday, but unfortunately, I did not, and in the end, I spent both Saturday and Sunday doing things around the house.

I did have fun cooking on Saturday night when I made lo-calorie Chicken Fajitas! It was so much fun rolling up the chicken and onions and peppers and then sloppily eating them! The best part was knowing that they were low points on my Weight Watcher plan!

On Sunday I woke and it was fah-reez-ing freezing!


So when I hopped quickly out of bed I grabbed my new legging set and put those on. The best thing about this new set is that they are fleece-lined! So soft, snuggly, and cozy!

It never really warmed up today, despite the bright sunshine, but I was warm and comfy all day long.

Dinner tonight will be an easy fix and will also give us leftovers for a few days. I have my clothes laid out for tomorrow and have set Alexa to get me up early enough to take a nice hot shower!

By the way, I asked Alexa once again what the current weather was in my town. “Partly cloudy” was her response. I came back quickly, “Alexa, you lie! ” at this time she informed me that “Alexa never lies!” Ha, Ha! She sure does. At least about the weather.

Have a great week everyone and I will report on Tuesday about how I made out with my surgery!



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