All Went Well

My day started far too early as I was feeling nervous. Would they find this problem? Could they fix it?

Well, It rained the entire way, which meant a weird trip down and then a mad dash to the door of the Surgery Center when I arrived.

My doctor ran late with his patient before me, but eventually, I got in and then Dr. S. took 2 hours to remove 2 Neuromas and a whole lot of scar tissue.

A Neuroma is a growth or tumor of nerve tissue. Neuromas tend to be benign (i.e. not cancerous); many nerve tumors, including those that are commonly malignant, are nowadays referred to by other terms.

Neuromas can arise from different types of nervous tissue, including the nerve fibers and their myelin sheath, as in the case of genuine neoplasms (growths) like ganglioneuromas and neurinomas.

My doctor was rather excited about the surgery, as my case was somewhat unusual. I asked to see the tumors afterward, and even I was amazed at what I saw.


It was all done under local anesthetic, so I drove myself home, and by the time I arrived, the Novacaine had worn off and I was starting to feel a giant ouchie.

It’s only 8:30 on Monday night, but I am ready for bed. I am so thankful to have this behind me.

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5 thoughts on “All Went Well”

  1. Pour you I read that you had troubles with your skin. But if I understand well it’s OK now ! I have to force myself to do anything, I think these are the aftermath of the moving together with the second wave of the Coronavirus. It’s getting worse and worse. All restaurants, bars etc plus cinema and all events. Curfew from 10 pm to 6 am (which doesn’t bother me) you can go out but not sit down somewhere so it’s like a lockdown to us ! Phew I am so fed up !

  2. Glad it’s over with & everything turned out Ok. Hopefully it’s not too sore this morning.
    Take care, Pam

  3. Two hours to remove it all. That’s a long time. I’m a bit surprised you were allowed to drive yourself home. Anyway, heal fast and yes, I am sure you are pleased it is behind you.

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