TBT: Thirteen Year Old Me

This was taken on the first day of eighth grade. I vaguely remember that dress. The hair? Oh yeah, I wanted to be Karen Carpenter so bad! That is why you can see the long hair and heavy bangs!


I loved the eighth grade. We were the oldest class in the school. Mostly, we had great teachers with the exception of just a couple.

My Dad taught at this school. So for the three years, I was in the Intermediate School, I not only had Dad as my music teacher, but I also rode to school with him every day and he made my lunch. Two slices of white bread, spread with margarine, two slices of American cheese. An apple and money for a carton of milk. God bless Dad. He had no imagination for packing our lunches, but every day, when we came down to the breakfast he made, there was our bag lunch.

At one time, everyone in town had our Dad as their music teacher. His teaching of square dancing is still legendary!

img448Here I am as my sister’s Maid of Honor when I was 13 years old. My mother made all the bridesmaids dresses and I remember feeling quite lovely wearing this. The bow? Not so much, but everything else was perfect.

4 thoughts on “TBT: Thirteen Year Old Me”

  1. At 13 in the first photo, a slightly seductive look. Funnily I read a remark about Karen Carpenter elsewhere recently. It was sad she died so young.

  2. Loved Karen Carpenter also..her story is so sad..gone too soon..
    Very pretty bridesmaid dress your mom did an amazing job!!
    I agree 8th grade was the best!!
    Yes your Dad is famous for his square dance dancing it to wipeout..Lol he was a great teacher

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