The Weekend & Month Wrap


Well folks, here we are Monday morning and the last day in the month of November. Where has the year gone? As I close out the weekend and the month, I think how much life has changed over the course of the last year.

Still, despite all the social distancing and no physical contact with people, I am alive and well. I guess that is saying something.

I admit to being a warm loving hugger. Oh, how I thrive with a warm embrace. Someday, one day, I will have that again.

I was able to get four loads of laundry done and actually make turkey soup. In spite of that, I find that as I sit here on Sunday night I have no desire to eat turkey tonight. In fact, I am just not very hungry at all.

I started the Christmas card. Somehow I forgot how arthritic my hands are. But I am determined to send them out.

Aside from that, it was another quiet weekend/month. Enjoy your Monday morning!

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  1. There is shortage of small turkeys in England as people can’t have large family gatherings and so don’t want large turkeys. It reminds me of Christmas food being eaten weeks or months later.

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