It’s All About…

It’s All About…getting it done!

On Monday I woke with renewed energy. I cleaned out the fridge,  a long-overdue task, and made a list of the things I actually needed at the store. I think the best thing about the fridge cleaning was I identified exactly where the turkey cutlets I cooked two days ago were, as well as the mashed potatoes and green beans. Ta-da! Dinner for Monday night!

If I buy anything more for Christmas it will be for myself. Here we are on the 15th of December and I am done with shopping! Oh, thank you, Amazon and a few other stores I shopped at online!

With all that done early on, I turned to the laundry, which never seems to be really done in this house. It was bed changing day and I wanted to also run my leggings and tops that all need to be dried in my bathroom by hanging them up. No dryer for them.

The groceries needed to be purchased and off I went just before lunch. I breezed through the store and was back in plenty of time to make and eat lunch with Jack.

All in all, I was very busy and, it felt good to be back on my feet and getting things done. As I said, it was just a little cold!

I have big plans for Tuesday. I want to clean out my refrigerator freezer and begin work on my pantry organization!

And of course, there is the need to start wrapping. But I may put that off until Wednesday. I have a few more days to get that done.


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