This & That ~ January 13th

As our days grow longer, I am thrilled with the extra daylight. In the past, I always enjoyed the dark days of Winter, but this year, I am really enjoying the increase in daylight.

Perhaps it is because of the virus. But I truly want to enjoy daylight once again! It is so freeing. So very beautiful.

My Christmas tree is still up, and the wine bottle that my friend Rachel gave me for Christmas. It has an adorable snowman painted on it and is filled with Christmas lights. I love it!

Arnie is feeling better. The scabs on his back are flaking off and I can see wonderful healthy skin!

20210111_142942He has come a long way since Christmas Day!

I was down two pounds this week. I am feeling more in the groove with the diet once again. It is too easy to fall into old, bad habits!

I got the cutest mini Bluetooth speaker from Weight Watchers. When you track all your meals you earn points. I knew I wanted this and just as I was close to getting it last simmer they stopped carrying it. I checked the other day, and they had them again!


I ordered it last week and it arrived yesterday! I paired it with my Ipod and this morning, while I was reading I listened to music. It was so nice!

So that was my Tuesday! I hope yours was a good one and that you are happy, healthy, and staying safe!

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3 thoughts on “This & That ~ January 13th”

  1. The scabs on Arnie look the same as the ones Lola gets when she scratches because of allergies. The vet told me that when I worried that she might have scratched herself on the rose bushes last time she escaped outside. He said, No, flat scabs indicate allergies. A raised scab would be from a scratch wound such as from a rose bush. Good to see Arnie getting better

  2. That is a cute little speaker. indoors I play music on Alexa, but I got a Bluetooth speaker for when I’m sitting outside. I won’t be using it for awhile.

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