Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday found Jack and me taking a trip South to the VA. He had two appointments, and I had one.

I figured he would have more done at the Dermatologist, but as it turned out I had a small pre-cancerous place that needed to be removed. It’s gone and I am no worse for it.

Because of the Virus, we brought a picnic lunch with us. We used to eat at their cafeteria, but right now we don’t feel comfortable doing that. It worked out well. Jack had a P&P Loaf Sandwich and I brought 2 boiled eggs and some yogurt. Nice and cheap too!

We picked up the mail and the new nail grinder arrived for the dogs. They don’t seem to mind it very much and it grinds them to a nice smooth surface.

The day was bright and sunny and warm! It really felt like Spring! Oh, I am so ready for that! Of course, it also means “Mud Season”. You would simply die if you saw my beautiful White German Shepherd, covered in the mud she loves!

Tonight is easy dinner night. I had previously made a huge batch of meatloaf, divided it up into four mini-loaves, and put them in the deep freeze. It’s been great pulling them out and cooking them for Jack on nights I do not feel like cooking.

For me, I am having leftover turkey cutlets. So, not much work, but nice and easy to cook or warm-up!

I hope your Wednesday is a good one!

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  1. We have pollen season as opposed to mud season here, but still aggravating. And the dog feels it too so we take care to keep him ‘vacuumed’ : )

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