The Friday Five March 26th

20200206_160117The week seemed to fly by. I think because, for most of the week, I have felt quite tired and nodded off in my chair, making me feel older than my 62 years! But here we are, at the end of another week. And here is the Week’s Friday Five!

  1. As mentioned above, I am still dragging and fighting the after-effects of the Covid-19 shot. I am feeling better than I did last Sunday, but I am still so darn tired and have no get-up and go. (It got up and went!)
  2. I saw my Dermatologist and had a small pre-cancerous growth removed. We’d tried freezing it, but after 4 or 5 times it kept growing back.20210325_163809So, he took it off and then cauterized it. A mini-ouchie here.
  3. I was in to see my dentist and have my cracked tooth prepared for a crown. It wasn’t too bad, except I kept getting cramped in my shoulder. I figured it was a cramp or I was dying of a heart attack. It’s a good thing that when I moved, the cramp went away.
  4. Today I will be going to see my Glaucoma Doctor. I know my eye pressures are up and I expect she will be changing my eye drops. I am not thrilled about having Glaucoma. It runs in my family and I had hoped to have escaped it, but unfortunately, I have not.
  5. My plans for this weekend are simple. Laundry and sleep. If a day dawns with sunny and warm weather I will go out and walk. But currently, we are in the middle of mud season, so no walking along the country dirt roads!mud-1080x675As you can see, this means that all dirt roads are mud. All White German Shepherds are covered with brown sticky mud, and your shoes go squish in the mud! Yuck!

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy whatever you plan to do!!!

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