What A Day It Was!


I woke early on Friday, as I felt somewhat nervous about my upcoming appointment with my Glaucoma Doctor. During a recent visit to get new glasses, I found not only elevated pressures but a decrease in my vision in my left eye.

I was also a bit nervous because we were having torrential downpours and I really don’t like driving in the rain.

I came out to make my chocolate-Banana-Pancake and while trying to open the seal on a bottle of Vanilla I stabbed my thumb! I stood there in the kitchen thinking that perhaps I should just chuck the day and go back to bed!

Since that was not really an option, I sat down, ate breakfast, and then proceeded to get ready for the day. I did my hair and dressed in real clothes. No leggings and tunics for me!

Shortly after lunch, I headed out. The sky was dark and gloomy, the fog still had not lifted. It was cold, muddy, and yucky! And oh, the rain!

I stopped for gas and then since I did have a few minutes I stopped to look at a new Cell Phone with Verizon.

I went in, and during my talk with the salesmen I found out that my current cell phone is 5 years old! He was shocked by how my Galaxy S8 looks brand new. Well, I got a poured-on screen protector, I use an Otter Box phone protector, and, well, I take really good care of this phone. I try pretty hard to take care of my special and expensive things.

I mentioned all the things I like about my phone, and aside from a better camera, the new S21 does not have the things I like in a Cell Phone. Most importantly, the backup SD Card!

So right now, since my phone is still what I need for me, I’m not going to get a new one.

I arrived at my Eye Appointment and I was really upset. In fact, I did something I have never done before. I said, “Oh I think I left my glasses in the other room”. The technician came back and looked at me and laughed. “Maribeth, they’re on your face!” Yeah, I felt like a silly old lady! But really, that’s how weird my day had been going.

The doctor came in and there are a few problems and I will need some laser surgery to help get my pressures down. The first surgery is on April 9th. Our wedding anniversary.


The sun was shining when I came out and the temperature was in the 70’s! Beautiful! But, as I drove north toward home, it got darker and darker and then the rain started again.


I did manage to finish the day cooking dinner, feeding dogs, and doing the dishes without injuring myself! This was a real accomplishment.

So despite the fact that my day has been less than perfect, it was okay and actually could have been worse. So I will take it. I guess one must look to make lemonade when you find yourself with an abundance of lemons!


2 thoughts on “What A Day It Was!”

  1. I went from an S8 to an S10 and the S10 was noticeably superior. R has a new S21 and the difference between an S10 and S21 doesn’t seem dramatic. Maybe think about an S10 which will be much cheaper. Btw, nor does the S21 have an earphone jack. I guess eye drops are sufficient to treat your glaucoma.

  2. I’ve got a Google Pixel that I love. Not trading it in for awhile. The phone I had before the Pixel was awful and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. Hold on to th3 gadgets that you like.

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