Rest in Peace, Benn

I was feeling like I wanted to reach out to a few people on Friday night, so I sat down with my Cell Phone and dialed away. The first person wasn’t home, and so I dialed up the second person.

There was no answer, but although unusual I had thought perhaps he was getting dinner at a restaurant or something. So I left a quickie message and was just hanging up when the phone began to ring.

It showed me that it was my friend, Benn. I said hello to my friend, but it turned out it was his nephew. Who painfully told me that Benn had passed away.

Now Benn was 83. And I had known him for almost 35 years. He was the Best Man at our wedding, and we stayed with him in Miami whenever Jack was in training with Pan Am. Benn also flew for them.

Over the years the memories were good ones, and I will smile and recall my friend as my life goes on.

Rest in peace, dearest Benn. I will remember you always, and I will be forever thankful for the friendship that we shared.

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