The Friday Five ~ April 23rd

Friday Five 1Well, another week has sped by. I believe we have seen a return to much colder temperatures, which resulted in icy rain, hail, and snow. Nothing really amounted to much, but we did get a lot of much-needed rain. So as the week closes, here are the five things on my mind.

        1. Getting my second Covid Vaccine was about the high light of my week. Since I’d reacted so strongly to the first one, I planned all this quiet time, and then I did not need it! I have one more week before the full effect will take place, but I plan to do all that I do now to stay healthy, and a mask and excessive handwashing are at the top of my list.
        2. I did go to my Ladies Meeting on Wednesday. This is the first time I’ve seen everyone in person since November! My gals are all vaccinated, and we sit outside, in our folding chairs, and share our journey in life. How lucky our little group is to have each other.
        3. Our trees are starting to get buds which in a month will open and give us full-looking trees. No more skeleton trees! Spring is on the way, I just know!
        4. And now for my newest recipe of the week. Banana Bread! Just 2 points per mini loaf!
          Banana Bread
          For those following WW, this cute little mini loaf has just 2 points! Yay
        5. And here are two pictures of my mini loaf. One is taken as it looks after coming out of the pan,

          and the second one is after I’ve been nibbling on it for my breakfast!

          Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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