Real People vs Fake People

In recent months I have done a lot of thinking about The Duke & Duchess of Sussex. After a year-plus filled with sacrifice, sickness, loss of jobs,  and deaths in many families. I must say that reading the news, or even watching the Oprah interview, made me realize that those two people have absolutely no idea what living in the real world is all about.

Now Meghan, who was spoilt by her father, went to the best private schools and basically, whatever she wanted, Daddy figured out how to make it happen.

She climbed the ladder of minor success, by charming men in high places, marrying, divorcing, and then going for the Gold. Prince Harry.

Looking back I recall their engagement interview and how excited she was to be bringing diversity to the Royal Family.

Lavish plans were made and executed for a wedding, that could have fed a third-world country for several years if the money was spared.

Then, much to Meghan’s dismay, she had to go to work. Shaking hands, smiling, accepting flowers, etc. But she balked at this, and so the Duchess began wearing black all the time. She also would make sure she was being snapped for a photo and she stuck out her tongue! And at a garden party to celebrate Prince Charles Birthday, she was overheard by many telling Prince Harry she was bored and wanted to leave.


No matter how hard the Royal Family tried to get her involved in things she would enjoy, Meghan was always complaining. Even beautiful Frogmore Cottage (Mansion!) wasn’t good enough for her.

Now at this point, we were all waiting for the baby to come along. But even that was fraught with subterfuge. I can understand a woman wanting privacy, I was not exactly looking like a fashion plate right after I gave birth to my children, but my goodness, I could hardly wait for the world to see the most beautiful baby in the world! Mine!

Now Meghan has an Internet page where every time she wears anything, they tell you where you can get it and how much a knock-off will cost. Every little accessory is included.

How come no pictures of the three of them, unfiltered and smiling at the camera?

Okay, so they left the UK and went to Canada until they wore out their welcome there (no free security), and then they bought their little home in Montecito California.

The 18,671-square-foot home boasts 16 bathrooms and nine bedrooms, not to mention a tea house, two-bedroom guest house, pool, tennis court—and a chicken coop, as seen during their tell-all interview with Oprah.

Then during their interview with Oprah, they actually had the nerve to complain that Prince Charles had cut them off!

For two people who said they were stepping back from being “Senior Royals” to live their own lives and earn their own money, it kinda cracks me up that they are so upset with Harry’s Dad for closing his wallet.

Now we have heard via Oprah all sorts of things, that since the interview have been shown to be false. And Meghan and Harry sit there in their $14.7 million dollar mansion crying poor.

You know, one thing worth pointing out is that when Princess Diana had mental health problems she was a very young and immature 20+-year-old girl. She’d been sheltered from a lot and still believed in fairy tales.

Although I’m sure that Meghan may have had a difficult time adjusting to the UK, I know she was a fully grown-up, woman of the world, who was not unaware of what life would be like with Prince Harry.


In the last year, I have seen entire families wiped out by Covid. I have known many, who have lost their businesses and their jobs. These “little people” are the salt of the earth. None of them make crazy money and they certainly don’t cry about Daddy cutting them off. In fact, when I got married the first time, we were on our own. We rented small apartments, we grocery shopped on a budget and we lived simply.

Prince Harry said he always wanted to leave the Royal Family. Well good. So don’t expect Prince Charles or the British people to pay for your crazy rich, lavish lifestyle.

When I think of the last year I think it angers me even more that those two have behaved so badly. They have hurt so many people and just have not cared for anyone but themselves.

Meanwhile, the casualties left in their wake add up. With the exception of Meghan’s mother, they have cut everyone else out of their lives. Their children will grow up isolated from everyone. How sad is that?

So, while the rest of the world struggled to survive Covid-19, Meghan and Harry were laughing all the way to their Mansion in California.

The entire thing is very, very, sad!

These are my own thoughts, all media has been found in the public domain and as fair use and fair deal guidelines together with my opinions which are not necessarily true, I urge everyone to do their own research.

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  1. As time goes on I dislike the pair more and more. It is beyond belief that Sparkle didn’t know what she was in for as a royal. Yes, it is can be boring and tedious at times. You have to be nice to people just for the sake of being being nice. Has anyone added up the hours the queen may have been bored? Harry is just stupid and I wonder what he will do when they separate, and they will.

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