Life Goes On…

Monday was just like any other Monday since the Covid Virus came to call. There was laundry to be done, cleaning to do, and a little bit of rearranging of things in my family room.

For many years my cell phone charging station was in the kitchen. It was never a problem until I got an electric loveseat. I simply cannot get my feet down when Jack’s cell phone rings.

So, today I rearranged the table between our seats so that the charging station is now right next to me. All I need now are some longer cords for the power supply.

I also need to buy a new Wifi Router. My old one isn’t cutting it as far as the streaming goes, so I am looking, researching, and will make my selection soon. If anyone has a good Wifi Router that has excellent range, let me know.

Funny thing, as I darted around the grocery store today I started to think, that we may have to live with Covid much longer than we expected.

117767161_10157735862947371_6687502767487389240_nWearing a mask, washing my hands until they become overly dry, and not being able to go out. Although I miss my old life, I am able to get by living this Hermit’s existence.

What about you? How do you feel about the restrictions that are still in place due to Covid?

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4 thoughts on “Life Goes On…”

  1. Our only real restrictions now are mask wearing on public transport and in taxis, and international travel, although we can now travel to New Zealand. Our router is Huawei and gives excellent coverage.

  2. In New York we have a mask mandate, but most places are open at reduced capacity. I’m still waiting to hear about a couple of outdoor concerts, Broadway remains shut down, and my local minor league baseball team delayed the star of their season so that they could open the ballpark at 50% capacity — they hope. I’m still working from home but school are opening up full time.

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