The Friday Five ~ April 30th

Friday Five 1Here we are the last day of April 2021! Wow, this month literally flew by.

  1. Many things were accomplished, which included both of my Covid-19 Vaccinations. Do I feel safer? Yes and no.20210417_083800I feel a little safer, but I still wear a mask, still wash my hands like crazy, and I keep my distance from people. You never know when a new strain will show up.
  2. We are finally having rain. A lot of rain, in fact. Which we really do need. Everything is greening up and starting to grow. It’s actually quite beautiful. Even if it is wet!
  3. Tomorrow is my big day. I have rearranged the phone and tablet and computer charging stations in the family room. This required a longer and better power plug bank.611KaGNR3yL._AC_SL1500_I ordered one as well as the cords for cell phones and Bluetooth earpieces. So I will clean out all the dust bunnies and then set it all up.
  4. I also would like to take down the curtains, wash and dry them, and put them back up. Spring cleaning.
  5. I’ve really been enjoying old movies in the morning. I’ve had trouble sleeping lately and so I make coffee and sit and watch old movies from 6 o’clock on. I look forward to getting back into a normal sleeping pattern.

So that’s it for this week’s Friday Five, and for the month of April!

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