The Friday Five May 28th

The Friday FiveLife is crazy right now. It seems to be flying by. Unlike last year, when we were all shut in and wondered when life might begin again. Well, here we are and things are speeding by like they did pre-covid! So here we go with this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I have discovered a way to keep the Crows, and Ravens away from my bird feeders. I put out a white patio chair in between the two feeders and since then the larger birds are not interested in raiding the suet feeders. The Grackles are also leary of the wonderful white chair.
  2. Arnie is hanging in there. Most of the time he does very well, but the boy has discovered that after dinner and his walk he would rather just go to bed. Guess he doesn’t enjoy Jack’s police shows.
  3. I finally got in to have my mammogram. Not my most loved thing to do, but it’s what you do when you are over the age of 40 now. Yearly, right? Somehow I missed 3 years! Oops! Well, it’s done now, and it was done on their new 3-D mammography machine.
  4. This weekend I plan to kick back a little. I am still not up to par and I need to try and get past this.
  5. We have had wonderful weather, with the exception of a thunderstorm Wednesday night. We got into the 90s on Wednesday before returning to the low 80s. The town is crowded with summer tourists, and motorcycles race up and down the road below us, giving us a lot of noise. Mostly, things are very quiet, but with summer here, the noise of the great hogs takes over.

Have a great weekend.

Maribeth Dackel

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