The Big Bad Lab!

After what seemed like a perfect day, a walk in the park with all four dogs, a delicious lunch and a visit to one of my favorite shops, we came home to cook out and enjoy a little bit of summer heaven. Baby back ribs, potato salad and zucchini and summer squash.

The temperature was perfect and although there were a few clouds, it still felt great to be outside with the dogs.

Then Hubby went in to get a few things and I was outside with Emily and the next thing we knew a big mean yellow Lab was charging my crew of dogs! He went for the puppies first and that made Greta leap toward him to protect her babies.

The dog jumped at Greta and bit at her (but did not break the skin) and that’s when Fritz jumped in! I was running toward the madness, screaming at the top of my lungs to get the bad dog to stop!

Hubby didn’t hear me, but people from several surrounding towns did! All I could see was that three of my dackel babies were going to be hurt.

Lucky I sound as mean as I look, and the dog eventually was chased off, but it took me several hours to calm my babies down.

Me? I’m still shook up!

9 thoughts on “The Big Bad Lab!”

  1. Poor babies, and poor Maribeth! Labs (at least the ones I’ve known) usually aren’t mean. Maybe it was just that one.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I hope all your babies are okay. I am totally scared of big, mean dogs. I have had a run-in with one before and I was spooked for a week. Was it a stray or do you think it belongs to someone? I hope it never comes back!!!

  3. How terrible ! Fortunately nobody was hurt seriously but that you were shocked is completely normal !
    I am back from my holidays in England it was so nice that today I am a little homesick !

  4. OMG I remember when those two dogs attacked Maxi. I was screaming like a banshee for someone to help and the infection he got (i didn’t see any break in the skin, but there was) was just dreadful. i won’t go near big dogs any more.

  5. OOOOOOOOOO no! this is so so awful.

    I bet your throat is sore. That is what I experience when I’ve had to scream or yell loudly because of some such incident.

    Everyone truly IS ok???????

    many hugs,

  6. I need to send Taz up ther to teach that dog some manners! (Taz thinks he is a lap lover – all 100 pounds of him, a yellow lab too). We leave Tues for Hawaii. My sister called yesterday and accused me of being a “Hurricane Magnet” because of Flossie. But we are going anyway. After Charley, we feel seasonede. Will send pics from over there. Love ye. Happy that all survived the malicious attack unscathed. Carol

  7. I HATE IT when something like that happens! My former dog were put out for things like that many times and all because of sloppy owners. It made me sooo angry.

    I hope there isn’t any hidden damages on the dogs.

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