Rain & Chopping

Ah yes, because we have not had enough rain (hahaha!) I woke to downpours on Sunday morning. Lili is brave enough to run out and commune with nature, but dear Arnie must be coaxed.

So I put on my raincoat, got the umbrella out, and headed toward the grass. No one, not even me was happy about this rainstorm and quite honestly, I am not thrilled that the rest of this week we are due to get even more of the wet stuff!

Yesterday was a “chopping” day for me. I knew I was going to make beef stew, and a meat and vegetable spaghetti sauce, So I sat at the kitchen table chopping onions, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, and celery. Then I asked which meal Jack wanted? He chose the beef stew, so, I got that in the dutch oven and set it to slowly simmer. Today I will be making the spaghetti sauce.

The strangest part about these two meals is that I’m not eating either one.

After not following my healthy living lifestyle in recent months, I stepped on the scale and nearly fainted. So last week, I started eating correctly again.


But it is so hard!

I know I am not alone in fighting to control my weight. I know that after menopause, you might as well get used to eating like a bunny rabbit. Anything else goes straight to the hips.

So the rest of the day today will be cooking the sauce and I want to take everything out of my closet and clean it. I do this about once every two years. How this disaster happens in there I do not know. It’s like my own private earthquake comes and suddenly everything is a jumbled mess! Ugh!

Have a great day everyone!

Maribeth Dackel

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