It’s Craziness, I Tell You! Craziness!

Monday found me questioning why I had even bothered to get up!

Arnie was still no better, so I got up, and in the rain went outside to do a clean catch of his urine. Folks, if you have a boy dog that needs to have his urine caught and put in a Ziploc for the Vet to examine, I’m your girl!

I turned on our oven to preheat it before making my WW Banana Breakfast bread. After half an hour it wasn’t even warm. So I used my air fryer oven to cook the bread, and all was well there. However I had to call our repairman, Barry to get him to come and take a look.

Meanwhile, I called our Veterinarian and made an appointment for Arnie to be seen.

The traffic around town was terrible. Just like summer on Cape Cod. Bumper to bumper and no one getting anywhere very fast.

Arnie is actually doing better than he has been. He does have a UTI, but it is not as bad as the last one. He is also holding his weight, and his health overall is pretty good for an old man!

Eventually, Arnie and I got home, just in time for Barry to arrive. He took the oven apart and it is the igniter! How weird that both the dryer and the oven igniters went within a week or so of each other. We called the supply house and the part will be delivered on Friday and Barry will come and do the installation.

So right now, if I can’t cook things on the stovetop, air fryer, or microwave we won’t be eating it. Thankfully we do have plenty of, what I call, quickie meals.

Jack is really hard on his bathrobes. He goes through the sleeves all the time. I’ve ordered a new one, but it is on backorder until August. So, today I took the pockets off an old one and proceeded to use that as a patch. I was able to fix two old robes. They may not be pretty, but at least his elbow isn’t poking out. It’s not perfect, but so much better.

Ah, well, tomorrow is another day, and hopefully, it will be a lot less crazy.

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