TBT: Mom & Dad

This week’s Throw Back Thursday are pictures of my Mom and Dad in their teens. They were 13 and 14 years old when they met. Dad played the piano and organ at recitals and my Mom was a dancer.

DadFourteen-year-old Dad. James Alfred, also known as Jimmy to Mom and Jim to everyone else. He was a handsome teenager back then, and he swept my mother off her feet. He became a music teacher in the schools in my hometown and at one point everyone had had Dad as their teacher. He loved music. He loved sharing it with others.

MomAnd here is Mom. Rosamond Ruth also called Rosa. She was really a quiet woman, and I think she was probably a shy child. She was very close to her cousin George and her parents. She adored her brother, but often he didn’t want his kid sister hanging around. Still, she loved him deeply.

If there was one thing that they shared with me growing up, it was their love of animals. All through my childhood, we had at least one dog, mostly two, and always a Siamese cat! A house wasn’t a home for us without a pet or two or three.

They were married for over 60 years! Their marriage wasn’t perfect, but they remained close all through their life together….

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  1. Your father had great hair. I wonder if he kept it. In a perfect world all children would grow up with household pets.

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