My Hand

In recent weeks I have been having problems with my left wrist/thumb/hand. back in the day, my Mom warned me that sucking my thumb would be my downfall. Today I believed her!

In recent weeks I have been suffering from pain in my left hand/thumb/wrist. Today, in extreme pain I went to the doctor and they verified that I have:

Screenshot_20210726-133714_MessengerI suspected this but needed someone to verify my diagnosis. I got it! I also got a personalized hard splint, and a game plan to fix me up!

20210726_163756Now I must type with one hand while resting my left hand. I think it is rather hilarious that my left wrist/hand is affected when I am right-handed! Apparently, I am ambidextrous!

So, that’s the news from New Hampshire! Have a great day and a splendid week!

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4 thoughts on “My Hand”

  1. Bugger! Losing the use of my dominant right hand would be terrible for me. Even losing the use of my left hand would make typing very difficult. With rest you hand will get better?

  2. Try not to worry. I had a bout with this — same deal — left hand when I’m right-handed. Apparently, the dominant hand is like a princess directing traffic while the non-dominant hand does most of the work. I eventually went to physical therapy and with a splint, ultrasound, ice and exercises, I got well. Even went back to the activity that caused the problem in the first place. I do still ice that hand once in a while — just in case. Good luck.

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