Life With Heidi

Last night, I sat in my chair with Heidi and fell asleep. Heidi and I slept all cuddled together in my recliner from 9:30 until 3 o’clock AM.  At that time we both needed to tend to business, so we got up, and once we accomplished great things, came back to the chair and fell asleep again. Before I knew it, it was 6:30 AM! This girl feels like a new woman!

At 6:30, Heidi and I got up and saw that we got about half an inch of new snow. It’s so pretty, but when I saw Heidi’s reaction it dawned on me that she’d really never seen new-fallen snow.

As she walked looking for “her spot” she couldn’t find it. Thus we walked around the yard a little more before she decided on a new spot. She proceeded to thoroughly mark it!

All I could say is, “What a good girl!”


So life with Heidi is falling into a new and nice pattern. She does enjoy her long walks, and she has gotten used to her leash. As she grows I will be working on more commands while on the leash and other things.

She is remarkably bright, sweet and like our Lili, there is not a mean bone in her body. She is gentle and calm, with only a few racing around the family room and kitchen episodes a day. Those are just fun to watch!

I put out the little steps, which she figured out right away, two beds, and a smallish crate that was once Lili’s.

These are all her playground. Her actual bed is either next to me or on top of me!


Which is right where I want her to be!


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  1. She is absolutely perfect! What an angel baby! She is living the good life. Snuggles are the best ever. Enjoy the snow. Thanks for sharing Heidi’s fun adventures, I simply cannot wait. ♥️

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