Piranha Teeth

Good Morning! Yes, at 12:55 AM it is morning, although I sure wish I were asleep. Unfortunately, between Heidi and Lili and creatures that go “Gah” in the night, we are all awake. Well, all except Jack.

After trying to settle the girls down, I gave up. It was then that the tiny wonder began going under and around my furniture. I think the toughest part is, Heidi would get under these things and then start to bark!

20220105_011714Lili and I could not figure out what happened to Heidi. One minute she is the sweetest little baby-doll, and the next it’s like she is a watered Gremlin!

Bonbraks-GremlinsGood & Evil Gremlin.

After an hour of trying to make small adjustments, I went downstairs, got some old scrap wood, and came up and started to build dead ends. The last thing left to do is get a six-foot piece of wood and go along the front of our old sofa.


But for tonight, I had to do one more thing. Jack brought a beautiful Cherrywood Round table from Hong Kong when he came back to the States, and I moved it out of the Piranha tooth’s way. Jack would be heartbroken if anything happened to that.

I keep hoping that Heidi will exhaust herself and that we can get a little sleep.

Wait! It is now 1:30 and she just crashed. I need to close my eyes while I can!!!


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  1. I agree the look on Lili’s face is hysterical! I told you little miss was a big personality lol! Her litter mates were often screaming as she dragged them around by ears or neck!

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