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So much is happening in the world. It makes me wonder where we will be in a year or two or three.

I recall the early days of Covid. Before we knew much of anything about the disease. I remember going out to get groceries in what seemed like a hazmat suit. I remember stripping all my clothes off in the basement and running to the shower lest I bring in any germs.

And now here we are looking at Russia attacking a country that was a beautiful, friendly place.

Years ago, when the WALL was still up surrounding West Berlin, I made several trips into East Berlin, as well as Poland, Hungary, Romania, and St Petersburg, Russia.

You cannot imagine what it was like if you had not been there. Military on the streets as well as secret police who were constantly watching. And almost no one had a car. It sort of freaked me out to go into East Berlin back then and only see a dozen or so cars.

Growing up we were basically taught to fear Russia. They were not trustworthy and we knew if given a chance they would invade.

So here we are in 2022. Russia under the guidance of Putin is going through Ukraine killing innocent people and basically showing the world how bloodthirsty and cold-hearted he is.

My heart breaks for the Ukrainian people. But it also is breaking for the world. I don’t believe that Putin will stop there and I foresee our lives and the lives of our fellow man getting worse.


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  1. While I never as far as you did, I was very careful to never touch my mask other than the strings and never put it down on any surface, just hung it somewhere.

    Ukraine is a beautiful place and was a well functioning country but even so there are human rights issues and instant punishment for crimes without oversight. However, that is little to do with the cruel dictator’s unprovoked invasion of a peaceful country.

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