The Friday Five ~ April 1st

Friday FiveAnother week is gone, and here we are April first. April Fool’s Day. This year there is very little to joke about so I’m going to pass on anything cute!

  1. Thursday saw me heading out with Lili to go to the Vet. Now darling Lili is not a good rider. She fussed and I could almost feel her blood pressure rising as we drove along.
  2. She has a fever, but thankfully no break around her ankle. The Vet is concerned that she could have Lyme Disease. Now, I vaccinate for this and always have, but new strains of the virus are out there. We will know in a few days if that is it. Meanwhile, she is on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. She is very quiet and just wants to rest. Good thing.
  3. The new hooks arrived for my bird feeders. I want to be able to hang them inside the trees making it tough for the Ravens and the Crows to raid the feeders.
  4. I also ordered new stripping knives for Heidi. My old ones are not working well and I hope the new ones will.
  5. There have been so many news stories lately that truly saddens me for mankind. There is no care or concern for others anymore. Somehow being rude and abusive to all others is supposed to be accepted. The old-aged Queen of England is being bullied by her grandson and his American wife. Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith. And let’s not forget Ukraine. We just are living in a more unfriendly world and I miss kindness a great deal.
    Bruce Willis, one of my all-time favorite actors has been diagnosed with Asphagia. Now if some of those I mentioned above were handling Bruce, he would be blamed for his condition and made to suffer. Instead, Bruce’s entire family has rallied around him and they are trying to make the most of the time they have left with him. Everyone from his first wife and daughters to his second wife and their daughters. So perhaps not all kindness has vanished from this earth.


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  1. Stripping knives is an interesting term. I think they might be what we call stripping combs.

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