The Friday Five ~ June 3rd

The Friday FiveIt’s June. Summer is here, although we have had slightly cooler and slightly wetter weather the last few days. It’s okay, everything is lush green and fully leafed out. There is a lot happening, but here is the latest.

  1. Tuesday was a day when I had to drive to Manchester, New Hampshire for two doctor’s appointments. This meant I needed to stop and get gas. This is the most I have ever paid to fill up my gas tank. $76.00! It took me less than five minutes to spend this money, and I didn’t enjoy spending this much money at all. Neither did the other people who were taking out a loan to buy fuel for a few days.
  2. I also went in to have my yearly mammogram. So far so good. This year was the most fun I have ever had having a mammogram. I had a super Sonographer who loved dogs. So we chatted about our puppies all during the appointment. It made one of my least favorite tests, fun!
  3. After spending the $76.00 on gas, I then went to the grocery store to buy some food. I bought store-brand products when I could. I had a list and stuck to it. I spent over $245.00! And trust me, I did not overbuy.
  4. Heidi attacked a stuffed toy and chewed and chewed until she had gotten to the stuffing and squeaker. Her first kill! Lol!
  5. I’ve been watching old episodes of “Judge Judy”. I love it! She doesn’t put up with anyone’s crap! Yay!

So that’s the week. I hope that your weekend will be as wonderful as it can be!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ June 3rd”

  1. It is funny that you had a mammogram and mentioned puppies, which is a word for breasts here.
    R watches Judge Judy and if I am near the tv, I am mesmerised by it. It is so crass but so entertaining. I wish more traditional court judges act like she does.

  2. I drive a 2013 Prius C, it’s a compact hybrid. I paid $4.75 the last time I put gas in the tank, but I get at minimum 45 mpg. Yes, I’m bragging about mpg. Haven’t done that since the 1970’s …

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