San Juan & The Departure

Our flight down to San Juan went well, once we got past Security. Hubby was frisked in the most aggressive way by a big Agent named Bubba, all due to his artificial knees. I mean, he patted down areas on Hubby that even I haven’t touched! And at one point I thought, perhaps he might make Hubby drop his drawers! Fortunately everyone was spared that sight! LOL We left a cold and rainy Boston and landed in bright, sunny and warm San Juan.

I do have to make several notes about the flight down. First of all, ladies, be careful how much perfume you wear in an enclosed space. There was a woman near me who bathed in her cologne and it brought tears to my eyes. I kept the air blowing in my face the entire 3 1/2 hour trip!

Men, you don’t get off either. One guy had so much gold around his neck I feared he might fall over from the weight. This tiny man also consumed the most alcohol on the flight. 6:30 AM and he is downing his first beer. Okay, maybe beer is food, but…

Now back to the travel log.

We gathered our bags and took the Princess Bus to the cruise ship. We checked in, Hubby and Carole checked out the Duty Free and then we went to our room. All I can say is WOW!

After we settled in a bit

Nov 13 009
Our room.

and had lunch on the Lido Deck, off Hubby and I went to Old San Juan and Fort San Filipe De Morro.

Nov 13 010

It has breath taking views of the Island. We walked all through the old fort and took many pictures.

Nov 13 013

Nov 13 021

Nov 13 024

Then we walked around Old San Juan. It was beautiful,

Nov 13 035

the people were so nice and I enjoyed walking around, but then…my feet gave out and we saw a taxi and waved him down and he drove us first to a small super market and then back to the ship.

We met up with George and Carole again and went to dinner. All I can say is sweet heavenly father, the food was good!!! We had Lobster and Seafood turnovers, with salads and a Lobster pate. For dessert Hubby had a sugar free chocolate Mousse and I had the Princess Chocolate mousse. It was all heavenly and we felt very spoiled.

Nov 13 039

Our departure out of San Juan was so interesting. We had a Pilot form San Juan steering the ship out of the harbor. Hubby and I stood and sat on our balcony watching the seaport slowly fade away. Then we noticed a small vessel up ahead. This little vessel stayed right beside us for quite a while, in the darkness. Then as we reached the mouth of the harbor the small vessel came right up to our side of the ship and a moment or so later the Pilot jumped on board. Everyone on our side of the ship cheered!!!! Then Hubby and I turned from our balcony, came in and went to bed. Now we’re off and headed to Curacoa!

11 thoughts on “San Juan & The Departure”

  1. Love the pictures of Old San Juan. One of my favorite places and I was there just one year ago. Glad you had time to roam around a bit. Love Ya, Mel

  2. Hi Mom,
    Nice pictures and update! Must say–you look great with that nice tan, and your hair getting longer!
    Enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love ya!

  3. Looks real good and promising! I’m totally with you there! Your room is awesome, the food sounded great and San Juan too! Now I’m waiting with excitement to see Curacao!!!

    No wonder you look so happy in the photo 🙂

  4. I love the photo of you looking down upon the seashore, and the one behind bars is so cute! I am living vicariously through your post, and enjoying all that you are sharing. Your vacation looks amazing, and I can hardly wait to see what Curacoa looks like.

    And I am still pondering about that crazy flight down, the Bubba frisk, beer for breakfast and perfume lady! LOL

  5. WOW! Am I ever glad everyone got off ok! I know G & C must have been in a slight panic over their flight. %$#@! computers.

    As I trot off to LA, then to Vegas I’ll “keep an eye” on you and make sure everyone is well!

  6. How lovely we can “travel” with you!!! great shots, I love the one of you in jail, lol!
    I can’t stand strong perfume…I can totally understand the way you felt about that lady!
    Looking forward to the next chapter 🙂
    I love maps so I am very happy you posted one of your itinerary.

  7. I’m sorry to be so late visiting, but your posts are wonderful. Such an exciting trip! And I’m going to have difficulty forgetting the frisking by Bubba:)

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