At Sea

November 14, 2007

Our first day at sea saw me getting up much earlier than I had planned. When I awoke I felt the light pitch of the sea, and despite using the patches, I felt just a tad dizzy. So I threw on my clothes and went for a walk around the ship. I call this, “getting my sea legs”! So far, it has worked well.

Nov 13 025

All of Tuesday was spent at sea. All I can say is that I still turn the wrong way when I get off the elevator when coming back to our stateroom! But then, my sense of direction has never been too good anyway.

Hubby and George played some ping pong, and explored the upper decks and found this.

Nov 14 006

We went swimming at the pool and I swam close to a couple and we started talking. I asked where they were from and they were from New Hampshire too! In fact they live in southern New Hampshire where Fritz’s eye doctor is. Naturally we talked about the Red Sox and the Celtics and the Patriot’s football team! Right now God is smiling on New England fans and our teams have made us pretty happy!

It was our first formal night so we got all dressed up and went to dinner. The food was wonderful, and our table mates were quite nice. Most of us had the Tornedos of Beef and then it was, time for dessert. I kept mine simple, and just had peppermint ice cream, but Hubby had a wonderful banana cream dessert that was sugar free.

Nov 14 007

Then we were off to the Captains cocktail party. I thought it would be a nice quiet affair, but the place was packed and sort of crazy, but in a fun sort of way. Hubby had some sort of Caribbean Cocktail before we left to go to a live musical show.

This was really fabulous! They had two women and two men who sang beautifully.They were backed up by the Island Princess dancers, who have more energy than a Jack Russell terrier! They sang the songs of Billy Joel, Neal Sedaka, Elton John, Barry Manilow and yes they even did a few dance numbers to music once played by Liberace. I was able to get this one picture of them, all the others were blurred. I think that was from low light and fast moving dancers!

Nov 14 011

Now we are sitting back getting ready for our first shore day in Curacao.

8 thoughts on “At Sea”

  1. Oh, no chance to get bored, lol! I am so glad you are having such a great time and even better: you are sharing all the fun! you two look great, have a fun day in Curaçao

  2. I would so love to play chess on deck! It reminds me of the big chess game on Harry Potter, Wizard’s chess.

    You both look so awesome! Isn’t it fun to dress up and dine, drink and do live shows?

  3. So much sun and so much fun! I always love the full days at sea when I have taken a cruise. I have to say cruises appeal to you because again you look STUNNING!

  4. Wow – lucky you. I’m so happy you 2 have such a good time on board.

    The best wishes for the rest of the Cruise from Anna and Tor in Norway.

    PS. I just came back from some, few, wonderful days with my daughter in Miami Beach and therabout.

  5. Such a great day, never mind the sea legs πŸ˜‰ I’d probably need that patches too.

    Sounds like you’re having a great time. You’re such a beautiful couple.

    Oh, this looks so gorgeous…. I wanna be there too. I’m longing for some travel – before I go crazy!

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