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For this weeks theme I chose my loving Macaws. Truly, I stood there in Guatemala, watching them for over half an hour. I would still be there, captivated, had I not been forced back onto the tour bus. They were so beautiful and so loving with each other, that I will remember it all of my life.

Nov 22 066

9 thoughts on “Saturday Scavenger Photo”

  1. I had to laugh at your comment on my red bed shoes!! You said “Oooooooo! Greta picture of equally great shoes!!!
    I am back! Had a ball and my picture is actually from my trip!”
    Greta instead of great !!! lol…too funny! I love your photo of the loving macaws! I have never had a bird for a pet, but I am equally mesmorized by them! Happy weekend sweetie

  2. What a beautiful couple ! No wonder that you didn’t want to go away !

    Today I published the first report about my excursion to Egypt’s historical places. So you are heartly invited to join the “cruise” (lol) it’s rather a bus !

  3. Sorry no Dackel in Egypt, they only have cats and this in all variations. Cats were venerated in ancient Egypt. For Dackels the country is still Germany, lol !
    BTW I saw one like yours this morning here in my street, with his owner of course I had to think of you !

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