A Good Doc

Yesterday I went and had some blood work done at the local hospital. It was to monitor medication I have to take all the time, but which lately has been causing me a few problems. About 1:30 my phone rang and it was my doctor.
“Hi, Maribeth. Are you okay?”
Basically, my blood levels were too high and he had called out of his concern. I was so pleased. How many people have doctors that actually do that? I have an appointment to see him tomorrow anyway. I figured we would just go over the results then. However, as soon as he saw the results, he called.
So I feel pretty lucky to have this guy for my doctor. I know that he really does care about me as a person. That’s a nice feeling.
And for inquiring minds, I wasn’t feeling too good. The side effects from that drug have been making me feel pretty darn sick lately. So a decrease in the medication is a most welcome thing.

4 thoughts on “A Good Doc”

  1. our dentist is like that. he calls after any procedure to make sure that everything is okay. it’s the best.

    and you just reminded me…I need to call our dentist to make an appointment. thanks!

  2. I am glad he called and it IS great to have a doctor like that. I love my primary care doctor he is amazing and has called me often after 5 and even once FROM the golf course after 5!

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