Thursday Thirteen #61

Thirteen Wires

Thirteen Things From My Week

1. I saw “Juno” and as I said the other day, go see it. Oprah had some of the cast on today and she says this movie is a must see!
2. More snow. I think we will be having record breaking snow totals this year. As much as I love snow, enough is enough!
3. Had the flu. That was good for two days of doing almost nothing but watching mindless TV and sipping water.
4. Sang to my cousin on the phone so she could tell me the name of the song going around in my head. (All The Young Dudes) She is still laughing about that!
5. Played with the dogs. They are so much fun and I love them so much!
6. I managed to cook meals for Hubby all week. He said they were great. Now that I am slowly starting to eat again I will have to recook some of these new Weight Watchers recipes and see if that’s true.
7. I weigh in tomorrow night for the second time. I hope I do okay. I didn’t cheat, but I wasn’t able to eat much either.
8. The box finally arrived for me to send my laptop in for repair with. Everyone say a little prayer that this time “The Company” will actually fix my little machine!
9. I’ve learned that I really do love my laptop. I’m spoiled, I know. But sitting in my recliner, with my laptop and writing when I feel like it, is so nice. I enjoy that. Being in our office only reminds me that it’s almost tax time and I need to start getting files together!
10. The New England Patriots football team won their game last weekend and I can hardly wait for the next game this weekend!!!
12. I watched “The Lake House” again for probably the 10th time. I just love that movie. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic!
13. Oh yes, and I am still waiting for Greta to go into heat. She is a stubborn girl and will do it when “SHE” feels like it!

Hope your week was a good one!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #61”

  1. I have seen the Lake House in one of my flights sometime back. I like it but the scene is sad — the gray cloudy skies, cold winter/autumn…I am glad though that it was a happy ending. (I hope my memory served me right! It was a happy ending, right?)

  2. I don’t know what happens but since yesterday I couldn’t comment here. Glad to hear that you are feeling better my bronchitis is almost gone too. Greta is a good girls she wants to wait until the right man comes into her life, lol ! Be patient !!

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