Thursday Thirteen #64

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13 TV Shows That I Am Watching

1. House. Gotta love a guy who just plain doesn’t care what anyone thinks.
2. NCIS. It just gets better every year. Gibbs and Abby. All I can say is wonderful!
3. Two And A Half Men. I love that show. It ALWAYS makes me laugh!
4. How I Met Your Mother. This one cracks me up too. It’s got a wonderful cast.
5. The Big Bang Theory. This is new this year. It’s about 4 total Geek type guys who are so intelligent that they are handicapped by it. Their world gets turned upside down when a drop dead gorgeous woman moves in next door. Hilarious!
6. Law And Order SVU. There is just great acting on that show, along with good writing.
7. CSI, Las Vegas. I’ve watched from the beginning. Still love Grissom.
8. How Clean Is Your House? This is a British import with two cleaning women who are out to reform the slobs in England. They work miracles when they clean up these places, but sadly they sometimes have real slobs who just can’t change. Anyway, I love this show.
9. Desperate Housewives. I really should have this higher on my list because I do love it, but with the advent of the writers strike, they were the first ones shut down for lack of scripts.
10. The New Adventures Of Old Christine. This one took me a while to warm up to. After a while I really grew to enjoy this ensemble cast.
11. All My Children. Okay, this is my dirty little secret. I watch a soap. I’ve been watching All My Children since I was in High School. Gotta love Susan Lucci!
12. Regis & Kelly. I usually tune in long enough to hear their host chat and occasionally will watch (or listen) long enough to hear a good guest. How could I start my day with out Regis?
13. Reruns of All Creatures Great And Small. This is another British import from years ago. It was shot on location in the Yorkshire countryside, and the acting is superb!

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #64”

  1. Some of them I love too, especially desperate housewives it always makes me laugh. The CSI series too and Dr. House. The others I don’t know if I know them because sometimes the title is different in french then in english.

  2. We have (most) these here in Sydney… But, at the moment anyway, none of them are on OR they are re-runs for the summer break! Waiting for the return for Ratings when all of the good shows come back on!!!

    AND, apart from the work going on in our Laundry, there is not enough time to watch the TV anyways!!!

  3. I have difficulty watching House simply because Hugh Laurie to me will always be part of Fry & Laurie and I got their shows on DVD for Christmas. He’s so clever and so funny but always played the “dim” parts in their sketches, so accepting him as House is a bit tricky!

  4. Hi Mom,
    I also love House and CSI…. I watch those 2 regularly!

    Had my week 2 weigh in and lost 2.5 pounds, so after 2 weeks, am down 9.5 lbs. I was the biggest loser in my group again, even with the small amount. I was a little bummed. Hoping I could still pull a big number for my week 2, but any progress is good progress I suppose!

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