A Simple Saturday

Yesterday Hubby and I drove to the big city to look at a few things. We wanted to check out scanners, as ours is about 12 years old, and we also wanted to stop a Home Show. Since Greta is at the peak of her heat we decided to take Arnie-man along with us. You know Greta is so horny willing we were afraid to leave him lest she open his crate and throw him down on the floor and have her way with him.

So, about 10 o’clock we got Arnie ready with his traveling harness, leash and sweater and off we went leaving poor Fritz to manage the girls!

We decided to go to places in order of where we got off the highway. Our first stop was my favorite outlet store, LL Bean. They are in the middle of remodeling the store so they had many really good items on sale. I got two bath-sheet towels (really big beach size towels) in a delightful pattern for $7.99 each. I got a deep blue fleece throw blanket for the family room for $6.99, and the best buy was a fleece lined navy blue three season jacket, for me at $14.99!! Plus I had a ten dollar coupon so it was all quite inexpensive!

Then we took Arnie into a pet store at the same mall. They encourage you to bring in your pet. On theory this is a good idea, but on a Saturday when everyone is off of work and goes shopping with their dog, not so much. Poor Arnie actually did well until he saw a 125 pound (baby) bull mastiff! He just barked and barked and barked! We finally picked out a nice bone for him and a toy and then Hubby took him out to water a tree or two while I paid for our purchases.

Next we went to the Home Show. I was walking around and I spoke to a woman who is interested in buying a puppy this summer from me. She wanted to see Arnie but couldn’t leave her vender’s stall. So I went and got Arnie out of the car and brought him in. I have said this before about my little man, he is the Frank Sinatra of dogs, just one totally cool dude! He had people from all over the show coming over to say hello and ask about him.

Next we stopped for lunch at a Chinese buffet. I find this an easy place to go and stay on my diet because the selection always includes a lot of vegetables. I did, however, sneak out a little chicken teriyaki and a fortune cookie for my boy who was waiting so patiently in the car.

We had two more stops after lunch before heading home. Upon arriving we found three dogs who were quite jealous of Arnie, and in turn Arnie, who seemed to delight in the fact that he had been the “chosen” one!

Today Hubby is off skiing this morning, and this afternoon Greta’s lover arrives for the first of heir two dates. Seems my little girl couldn’t wait until April Fools Day. She hardly let me sleep last night as she made is quite clear that SHE WANTS BERNIE – NOW!!!

Ah, yes. I remember the last time, Sex and the single dachshund. I hope this breeding is as good as the last!

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  1. So Crooner Arnie went shopping with you because you can’t leave him alone with girls and then Greta waiting for her lover! Oh my, oh my ! I am deeply shocked ! Are you sure not to work in the red light zone ??

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