A Shelf Revealed

Cathy over at Planet Germany tagged me with this MEME to reveal my bookcase. It’s scary because they are truly a mess. I tend to access things often and I do not always put things back.

April 4 014

The bookcase near my chair in the family room.

April 4 016

The book I was last grabbing. Guess why.

April 4 017

Another book I have been reading like crazy.

April 4 019

We are teaching the twins (our neighbors) to read with the help of good old Dick and Jane.

April 4 020

And lastly, a bookshelf in our living room. The books here are old and somewhat special reads for us.

Books. I window into another world. A book. It can take you from your living room armchair to the South Seas. Books. I love them.

OK… that’s done. Now I have to nominate some other bloggers to show their shelves….

Umm… let me see… I pick…

Janet and Goofy Girl and Renny (only if you want to of course).

I suppose we should all breathe a sigh of relief it was the bookshelves this time, not the deepest depths of the kitchen cupboards…. or the dark recesses of the fridge.

7 thoughts on “A Shelf Revealed”

  1. I’ve just commented your Thursday Thirteen #71 post. This one is actually also a way getting to know you even better 🙂
    I like your style and taste and of course wasn’t surprised book about Dachshund was among them.

    Thanks also for thinking of me – I’ll see what I can do.

    Wishing you and your husband a wonderful weekend!

  2. If you could drop a comment over on my blog, I will add you to the blogroll and you can see what others have on their shelves. And if you could, when you tag out would you credit Niobe with starting it?



  3. Hmmm, cool meme. I haven’t been tagged in quite some time, so I hope you don’t mind me stealing this one from you. I usually post memes on Sundays, so this will be great for next weekend!

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