First Day On The Road

We actually got on the road by 6:10 AM on Wednesday morning. Not bad. Since the car was all gassed up, we were able to make a clean break from New Hampshire, through Vermont and most of upstate New York before stopping at an Indian Reservation for gas. Then we crossed a short distance into Pennsylvania, and then on to Ohio.

We drove and drove and drove, enjoying mostly empty roads, bright blue skies and satellite radio. I had packed lunch for us and about noon I broke out the food and prepared turkey breast sandwiches for the two of us. The sandwiches were surprisingly good.

Hubby was munching on some salt and vinegar chips nd I had to beg him to stop. Between the smell of them, and listening to the crunch of them, I was going insane! So he very kindly finished up so I could put them away.

We’ve gone 750 miles and have 450 more to go tomorrow. We’ll make it, despite the fact that about 1 1/2 hours after departure the front right brake went on the car! Every time Hubby puts on the brakes it grinds in a gruesome way. Once we arrive in Missouri we will get the car to a brake shop and get it fixed.

Now we will setttle in at our motel and try to get a good night sleep. I know the morning will come all too soon and we will be…..

On the road gain!!!

7 thoughts on “First Day On The Road”

  1. I did the miles conversion into km…1,200 miles = almost 2,000 km! This is like driving from Barcelona to Hamburg…you really love driving, I would have caught the plane!
    Have a nice day in the car 🙂

  2. I think you should put on your Ruby Slippers and say, “There’s no place like Missouri….”
    Keep on Truckin! Enjoy the ride and your day. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Wow that sounds great, but there is one thing which intrigues me, where do you get Internet connection from ? In the motel ? When we go to Italy I couldn’t blog underway there is not connection or at least I haven’t found one !

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