Last Night’s Weird Dream

Okay, what was David Spade doing, making deviled eggs in my dream last night? Everyone else in my dream was recognizable, some were people I had not seem in many years, and some have passed from this world. Here was this giant Party at my weekend home (?) and there were all of these loved ones of mine. It was so nice, I went from room to room and I could see and talk to all these beloved people, until I went into the kitchen and found David Spade making deviled eggs, and that just made no sense at all and forced me to wake up!
I actually slept 7 hours last night! I think the insomnia is finally over. I did take the medication for the hives about 10 and it seemed to help make me just a tad sleepy. I’m all for that when I have been sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night and then watching TV the rest of the time.
But David Spade? Really! If I’m going to have a celebrity in my dreams, I would love to have someone interesting like the one who plays “House”, Hugh Laurie, or perhaps, Sean Connery. I find him ever so charming. But David Spade? I don’t even like him or his comedy! Go figure…

3 thoughts on “Last Night’s Weird Dream”

  1. I’ll take Hugh Laurie! Oh I just love him, he just so so so attractive!
    I hope I was at the party too.
    I had a dream that I was with Jin, Mom and Maria’s brother Vincent. We were waiting for Jin to be seen by a doctor when I got this pain in my chest. Not wanting to alarm anyone I told them I was not feeling well and told Mom to stay with Jin and asked Vin to come with me. I wanted to go straight to the hospital as I feared a heart attack. Then I was fine and got side tracked, but was still worried about the pain I had had. No celebrities though.

  2. David Spade obviously makes the world’s best deviled eggs, and that’s why he was in your dream! Was Tilly there, too, telling weird stories?

  3. Have you seen the new “Flight of the Phoenix” … Laurie is in that. LK and I are addicted to House.

    Maybe earlier in the dream you won David Spade at some sort of auction and since you don’t like him you made him cook and clean?? = )

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