OMG…More Rain

I have very little to write about except for the fact that we are having more rain. In fact I came home today and all I could smell was dog. You see, with 8 dogs inhabiting my house and all of them getting damp, all you can smell is wet dog. It made me crazy.

So I vacuumed. Then I got out the bucket and mop (again) and washed all the floors. I got the deodorizer and sprinkled the rugs, worked that in and then vacuumed those. Then I went around lighting scented candles. Poor Hubby must think I am feeling amorous as the family room has a bunch of lighted candles, usually reserved for romantic moments.

I closed all windows and doors and turned on the air conditioners in the hope that I could dry out the house. And after 2 hours I can report a drier house and a nicer smelling one.

The puppies decided that since today was just dark and gray they would snooze most of the day away.

Ali snoozing away.

July 2 09 Ali1

Another angle of our little sweetie Ali.

July 2 09 001

She sure knows how to live!

They slept a good 75% of the day, and the rest of the time they were weeing and pooping on the newspapers. I must say that after going to my local recycling center for newspaper I now prefer The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for puppy papers. They are from good paper and absorb better than the local ones do. The New York Times is nice and large as well, covering more surface area.

**Note to future puppy owners….stock up on these two newspapers for house training. They work wonders! Not only are they large and absorbent, but the pups will have good reading while they are weeing!!!**

Now I would like to ask for you all to do whatever you can to stop the rain. We are simply getting soggy here and need a little sun to dry out.


8 thoughts on “OMG…More Rain”

  1. I can identify with the rain=wettest summer so far for some years but we are not complaining. Several years of drought is not fun. Those little (or not so any more) are just the most loveable ones yet. I look forward to each new post to observe their antics from afar and have a wonderful start to each of my days when I see them. More in August, I hope, to keep my days cheery.

  2. “Poor Hubby must think I am feeling amorous as the family room has a bunch of lighted candles, usually reserved for romantic moments.”

    You could have just said that “Bernie” was coming to see Greta again!!!

    We too are having a lot of rain… My backyard is still wet under foot (no longer squelching) but wet all the same. When I got home from the UK, I had to get a high pressure hose to clean off the sandstone pavers from all of Macc’s muddy footprints… It is again muddy footprints everywhere! So no hints other than (filming of course) a rain dance!!! It might work in REVERSE!!!

  3. LOL about the New York Times/Wall Street Journal. Better not tell the editors what you’ve been up to!

    Let’s hope the weather improves for you!

  4. Okay, you guys have one month to put a stop to all that rain before we arrive. We sure don’t want a repeat of last year. My parents literally had whitewater in their yard, and their property doesn’t even have a stream! (And they were one of the lucky ones with no real damage…)

  5. We are soggy too! Everything is wet, moldy, smelly, damp and we all need to do the Sun dance.
    Love the puppy pictures! Love YOU, Mel

  6. I’ll bet the Times and Wall Street Journal would be so happy to know about their absorbency ๐Ÿ™‚

    Summer is here BIG time…it is going to be in the 100s again today.

  7. I should never ever complain…but if it means lower temperatures I would almost prefer that rain about now. We are getting roasted here! Hope your hubby appreciates the romantic smellling home.

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