Getting Bigger By The Second!

I get up every morning and after I rub the sleep from my eyes and drink my first cup of coffee, I look at Greta and my jaw drops! My goodness, she gets bigger by the second!

Of course, between now and her due date of September 1st she will be gaining weight each and every day. Considering a dogs gestational cycle is only about 62 days they do gain quickly, especially in the last few weeks.

Aug 12 Three weeks to go 1

You will notice that Greta is smiling. Coincidentally, the puppies were kicking her at that moment. I think she enjoys the feeling of her babies inside of her. It seemed to bother Anneliese, but Greta truly embraces being pregnant.

Aug 12 Three weeks to go 2

As you can see she is most happy on her back. I love that because then I can really see the changes she is going through. Anneliese lay on her tummy the entire time, thus making it difficult for me to gauge the changes.

We have one and a half weeks until the x-ray to determine how many little babies are in there. I can hardly wait for that. Leave your guesses and we will see who gets the closest. You can also leave your guess about what day she will deliver. Her due date is September 1st, but she could go early or late. Want to guess?

Also start thinking about German C names. This is my C-litter so I need some proper German names starting with the letter C.

Have a great day everyone!

8 thoughts on “Getting Bigger By The Second!”

  1. She is such a cutie!! For girls names, I vote for Cacilie after one of my best girlfriends!!! I do hope she has lots of lovely puppies for us to enjoy.

  2. Here is my german name list: Caezar
    Calypsa, Carolus, Cascha, Cassan, Cimba, Cimbo, Cimon, Cissi, Claudius, Claus, Clio, Clyde, Corina, Cortina, Csanto

  3. 101 puppies! LOL! My guess is 5 or 6! Born August 30th. I’ll get back to you with name ideas. Tired this morning, but doing well. Love YOU, Mel

  4. Looking “through” her I bed she will have 4 babies. Or should I take my glass ball ?
    I have a german friend her name is Celia. I think she wouldn’t mind if you call one of the puppies Celia !

  5. LOL! I wouldn’t know a German “C” name if it bit me! Is Chloe German? I like Chloe… I’m guessing 5 babies! (I always guess 5… that’s my standard guess!) And I would love her to deliver on the 4th! Yes… the 4th! That would be a LOT of days late for a puppy though….

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