Hello Big Belly!

I was talking to my cousin Janet on Thursday while I was photographing Greta and her enormous belly.

Aug 13 001

Janet suggested I put a tape measure around her waist, so I did. My only problem was that I couldn’t get it to stay put. Oh well, at least this gives you an idea of how her belly is popping out each day.

Aug 13 005

I took her outside in the afternoon and threw her ball around the back yard. She had so much fun running after it, and since I left the other dogs inside she had no competition for the ball.

I try to walk her around as much as I can, and then I let her rest. She also gets very tired now and needs more sleep than usual.

Tonight Mandy and M. are coming up for dinner. I’m planning a nice barbecued chicken and potato salad. It’ll be great to see them and to show them how big Greta is. After all it’s 18 days and counting until Greta’s puppies arrive! Wow!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

7 thoughts on “Hello Big Belly!”

  1. I like the tape measure idea, it will show her growing belly! 🙂 Have a nice time with Mandy and M and say hi, hugs for both and you too! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Have a good time with Mandy and M! Barbecue is always good, and I love American potato salad. You know you should never take a girl’s measurments…poor Grete 😆

  3. Greta really becomes quite round !
    I have great holidays, today I went to the seafront there is an airshow going on for 3 days, lots of people and lot of fun !

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