The Blog Thieves Got Me!

I wrote a long post last night about the puppies. It was beautiful. Eloquent! One of my very best! I had it all saved and set up and this morning when I checked….It had disappeared!

Granted, I was tired. I’d also taken something for a headache, but still, the post should have been there!

I will try to recreate my masterpiece, but frankly, since the blog thieves got it, I’m not sure that this is possible!


On Monday we had Greta the the Vet to get out her IV. She is doing remarkably well and we are all thrilled. She lost 4 1/2 pounds and is back to eating and drinking as she normally does.

Each puppy was examined and they are doing well also. That is a real blessing!

I started to think on the drive back, how my life is really quite amazing. You see, when I was young I knew I wanted to get married, have children and be a Mommy. I could see that as clear as day. What I had no clue about was, what did I want to do as a career.

I’m a nurturer by heart, yet I’m also pretty emotional, so being a nurse, or something like that wouldn’t really work for me. I’d be destroyed if I ever lost a patient, even though I know that this is the cycle of life.

Then in 1996 I met the most wonderful little doggy named Shubi and my life changed. She showed me many things, but after losing my youngest daughter, and many years of depression after that, Shubi showed me how to love again and how to live!

And she never said a word! (Just an occasional bark!)

Feb 16 014

Shubi showed me how to make my own kind of music.

So now, here I am a Granny to 14 puppies total, with the prospect of Anneliese giving me more little miracles to love and then move along to their forever friends.

You see, for me, that is the joy. I am able to bring these little creatures into the world, love them, teach them all that that they need to know about being little doggies, and then send them on to their new forever homes.

I found my music in the midst of this crazy world. The music is of mewling newborn puppies, barking growing puppies, and the laughter of the people who come to get their new baby from me.

And to think, it all started with a little puppy from Landshut, (in Bavaria) Germany.

7 thoughts on “The Blog Thieves Got Me!”

  1. Love the pictures! Little boy blue is one handsome pup, but they all are adorable and I can’t wait to see more close up pictures of each one of them! Love YOU, Mel

  2. What a wonderful entry…. I was allowed to meet Shubi and she really was a wonderful dog. I understand absolutely you became a “dog person” :-). I am the same 🙂
    Here some “C”-names I found. Pehrhaps it helps you to make a choice…

    Carsten,,Claus,Curt,Conrad, Carl, Clemens, Cuno

    Carla, Carin, Claudia, Carola, Charlotte, Corinna

    Love Uschi

  3. It’s seems clear like the sea that you finally found your way ! Your friend seems to have found quite a lot of German names, I only know these male names written with a K but it probably changed by now. My father’s second name was Kurt,and I had an uncle Karl (his brother)

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