On Friday the cable modem for our computer died. Of course they can’t come to fix it until tomorrow, so we are sort of limping along with a modem that is only working at 25 %. Remember what it was like to have a slow dial up modem?
On Saturday the heat stuck on and the house got up to 80 degrees! We finally got the valve to close, and by evening the temperature had come down.
Then on Sunday, with a huge number of dishes to do, my dishwasher died. Yep, 9:45 last night while watching Desperate Housewives, I became one! I realized the machine had not cleaned a dish. So out came the dish pan, and drainer and I spent the next 45 minutes washing dishes!
This morning we were up early and ready to roll. We arrived a little early only to find that Dr. C. was running late. But since no one really knew what he wanted to do with me, they brought me in and then went to speak to him. He came in and looked into my eye and said, “Uh-oh” Karma. “We can’t do the needle aspiration. The debris in your eye has shifted to the back, and we can only do the aspiraton if it is in the front. We’ll have to do the Vitrectomy, (major surgery, stitches, etc.) to clear out the eye.”
Okay, so today they did all the pre-operative testing, and I’ll know soon exactly when I will have the surgery. But I keep thinking that it was better not to have the aspiration today if the karma wasn’t right.

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  1. Geez…well, at least you’ve got the three bad things out of the way (you know, as in bad things always happen in threes). Hang in there!

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