Okay, I’m ready for some Good Karma!!!

The cable guys arrived right on time this morning. I felt pretty confident that all would be fixed quickly. Nope, everything is still messed up. And the worst part is, they don’t know what is wrong. Is this bad Karma or what?
Thinking that maybe I should do some sort of sacrifice to the God’s in order to turn things around, I got the huge pile of filing out from all the nooks and crannies I’d stashed it, and did four months worth of this horrible paperwork. I sorted it all morning, got it all in order and then filed and filed. It’s done now. Do you think the God’s are happy?
So the dishwasher is still broken and the cable moden is still only functioning at 25 %. I’m feeling better and better that I didn’t have anything done to my eye yesterday!

One thought on “Okay, I’m ready for some Good Karma!!!”

  1. I’m glad too, altho I’m pretty sure you’d look damn hot with an eye patch!!!

    Burn some sage incense, clear away the bad luck spirits!

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