Another rainy, cold day. Is it spring? Somehow I am starting to think that spring has passed us by. Come on Spring! I want some warm temperatures and some sunny skies!
I had my pre-op physical today. I was 100%! So I think yesterday’s sacrifice to the God’s of doing the filing must have turned my Karma around! My GP is a great guy. I never mind going to see him because he is such a pleasant person. I get the feeling he actually likes me as a person and that he is not just treating me because he “has” to. Hubby says the same thing. Nice to find a family doctor in this day and age, that you can say that about.
Tomorrow the ISP provider comes again to hopefully fix the Internet connection. Got my fingers crossed on that one.
I start working on cooking and freezing too. I would like to have a weeks worth of meals in place before the operation. I know from experience that I will not feel up to cooking after and as much as I love Hubby, his cooking is just not the reason I said “I do”.
Did anyone see NCIS last night? I was so shocked at the end when my favorite character was killed! A bullit to the head! Shoot!

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