Last night I crept into my bedroom, closed the door silently, and then crawled into my wonderful, comfortable bed. I breathed a small sigh (probably too loudly) and Greta began to bark and whine for me! So, needless to say, I slept in the puppy room with Greta again last night. I won’t even try my own room tonight, as Greta seems to want the company. Especially at 2:30 in the morning when we go out to visit the great out of doors.

We woke (for good) at 6 AM and I poured some hot coffee into my body, while Greta nursed the crew. I weighed them and discovered that all the puppies now weigh over 1 pound! Yay Greta, for being such a good little milk factory!

I also spent time with my camera trying to get a few pictures, and I absolutely did get a couple that are adorable! One thing that the macro lens shows  me is that all the pups will have a very nice wiry coat. This litter really has pretty pups!

Here is our only girl, Christel.

Sept. 7 Christel

Next is her brother, Claus.

Sept. 7 Claus13

Then we have Caspar.

Sept. 7 Casp8

Then Calvin

Sept. 7 Cal1

And Curt.

Sept. 7 Curt10

In the afternoon Makenna came over and we worked changing collars on the pups. It’s amazing that in a week they have grown so much that their little collars were too snug! Everyone has a nice roomy collar now.

Tomorrow I must trim everyone’s nails and perhaps take the bed out of the puppy room. I’m afraid if I leave it in, Greta will expect me to stay with her for the next two months! Oh how I long for my nice snugly bed!

Meanwhile, Hubby took this beautiful picture tonight of the sunset. For the last 4 or 5 nights we have had the most beautiful sunsets, so I am happy he got this picture!

Sept. 7 012

10 thoughts on “Close-Ups!”

  1. They have such cute wrinkled face as if they would carry all the world’s misery on their little shoulders, lol !
    The sunset is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful view you have !

  2. Those are just DARLING pictures of the pups! Their forever families will LOVE to have a copy of them! And that sunset is just stunning… wow!

  3. Oh my goodness…Calvin’s photo is priceless!! Those cute little puppy paws…and it looks like he is smiling like a Cheshire cat! Haha
    Gorgeous sunset too, we don’t seem to get those hues of colors here…truly lovely!

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