My Boy

It all started innocently enough. I kissed Hubby, and said my good-nights to him and returned to the puppy room to sleep. After all, we know that Greta still wants me to be with her, so I am sleeping in the puppy room. I want to be in my nice, big, comfy, bed, but until Greta is ready, I will be camping out on the twin mattress and boxed spring in the puppy room.

Hubby and Anneliese are fine with my being absent from the family bed. Apparently Anneliese has been stretching out and enjoying the room, but Arnie misses his Mommy something fierce.

Last night I was settling in, and Arnie came into the puppy room. I shooed him away, anticipating Greta jumping up and shredding his little face! But he kept coming back. I would shoo him off, and again he returned. Finally I drifted off and I felt a little body cuddle close to mine. “Oh well”, I thought, if she comes after him, we’ll all die together!

Sept. 8 004

You can see the whelping box behind me, but this is my little corner of the world right now. I do miss my big bed. It’s king sized and has a comfy, cushy foam topper on it. The sheets are crisp and soft against my skin, and the blanket a wonderful medium weight cotton weave that I wrap myself in.

Isn’t that strange? Dreaming about your own bed at night?

Greta seems resigned to having Arnie in there now. She didn’t growl at him and as long as he stays up with me, she is happy.

Sept. 8 005

Now back to Mr. Arnie. He has been at my side constantly, and I realized that he is my boy. Oh, I always knew he was my little guy, but what I am talking about is that he is dedicated to me to the point that he will risk being ripped apart by Greta in order to be at my side.

Arnie is my soul-buddy. I had that with Shubi and I never believed I would have it again. Certainly not with a boy dog. I have always been a female dog lover. Don’t get me wrong. I love all my dogs, but Arnie is earning an irreplaceable position in my heart.

The pups are doing great. All over a pound now and in a few days their eyes will begin to open. Then the real fun begins.

Makenna has been a big help, coming over and sitting, patting the puppies. Little by little they will get used to children and look forward to her visits.

Sept. Makenna and Claus 8

Here she is with Claus.

Well, I’m actually enjoying this whole time. Camping out with Arnie, Greta and the puppies, is a lot of fun. Of course, I will be happy when I can return to my “dream bed”. Along with Arnie!

7 thoughts on “My Boy”

  1. Poor Arnie, I think he suffered and was soooo jalous that finally he took all risks, lol ! Makenna must be in paradise to have the opportunity to watch and play with the little puppies !

  2. That really is so funny. I think Ortiz would be the same way! šŸ™‚

    Hope you have a great day. Back to work for me–which is a little too early. I think I really need a week off–a real vacation, rather than an extended weekend. But, deadlines aren’t really allowing that at this point, so….

    Talk soon!



  3. I am certain that if we allowed it Jewl would sleep in our waterbed! We don’t even let the CATS in though! (well… I would… but hubby – nope!) I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a breeder – cuz I sure don’t see me moving into a Puppy room! LOL! YOU are a good Mama!

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