Autumn in New England

Autumn is coming to New England. The weekend was the perfect example of why I love it here in the fall. Temperatures in the upper 60’s and low 70’s during the day, cooling off to the 30’s at night, and clear, crisp air. Yes, Autumn is a wonderful time of year.

The last of my garden’s harvest is close to being picked and enjoyed.

Sept. 23 024 Sept. 23 025

Soon the apples will be ready to pick, eat and make apple sauce with. It is so wonderful to take a container of your own apple sauce out of the freezer in February and once thawed, relive Autumn once again with every bite!

Sept. 23 023

Our trees and the fruit.

Sept. 23 031

And then there are the puppies. Those sweet bundles of chubby bellies, and baby barks, that have brightened up our Autumn days. I stopped and got the recliner box from a local furniture store today, as the pups are very close to climbing out of the kiddie wading pool. Christel and Calvin try already, and it is only a matter of time. The recliner box will contain them for a week or two more before we unleash them in the puppy room. I plan to switch them over next week.

Here are the babies today. Aren’t they getting big?

Sept. 23 017

They’ll be 4 weeks old on Saturday! I cannot believe how quickly time is going by.

5 thoughts on “Autumn in New England”

  1. I just saw the little video, it’s amazing how big they are now and how sweet they are when they walk !
    I was two days in the Ardennes where my son is with DIL for 2 weeks of holidays, I really had a great time.
    We have a lot of apples this year ! Not in my yard of course but in general.

  2. MMMMMmmmm, Apples! Love the puppie bellies and this wonderful weather, but it feels like summer today. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Those apples look sooooo delicious! I can´t imagine having them hanging on your own tree! I really want one right now, but have none…. 🙂
    The puppies are really growing fast!

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