Thursday In New Hampshire

Today Hubby and I visited an exhibition of two WW II aircraft. The B-17 and the B-24. We were allowed to walk through the planes and take tons of pictures. So many, in fact that I actually put together a slide show.

What really hit me was how small the insides of the planes were. How these men were able to get around is totally amazing to me. Especially the area underneath the B-17, the Ball Turret, where the Belly Gunner sat. I looked and I just knew I could not have gotten in there. Or if I had gotten in, I never would have gotten out.

I spoke for a long time to the Belly Gunner of that plane, Smitty. He told us the story of when the plane had been shot down, and how he had lost his arm. He spoke kindly of the German Nun Nurse who cared for him. He told us about the struggles that the men went through.

I shook his hand with thanks, and by the end of the talk, I hugged both him and his wife.

I thought of all the young lives lost and also of all the lives saved by these heroic men. What a terrible time  in world history, and yet these machines that flew through the sky, primitive as they were, flown by these fearless men, conquered overwhelming evil and restored freedom to many parts of the world.

I was so pleased that I was able to hear about Smitty’s survival. He is a real American Hero.


The pups and Greta got to go for a ride to the Vets office today so that Greta could get her stitches out. Everyone went wild for the puppies, and Greta’s stitches are now finally out. We returned home and I prepared a clean whelping box, set them inside of it, and noticed the little faces looking out over at me.

Sept. 24 004

Sept. 24 002

Yes, we’ll be setting up that new box soon!

10 thoughts on “Thursday In New Hampshire”

  1. I loved the photo of the:
    WARNING: No Smokng In The Bomb Bay
    I wonder if this was for health reasons or it was healthier NOT to have a bomb ignite from a wayward cigarette??? Priceless!

    Brave souls those guys that protected the free world…

  2. I’ll have to show to my hubby those pictures. To think that his Dad was one of those men. He was shot down and the guy next to him did not make it. He was lucky to get out and have just a broken nose.
    Pups look great! Love YOU, Mel

  3. OMG, Mom, they are just so cute! I love the puppy pics! They are just getting more cute by the day. I will be seeing Allyson this weekend, and we are going to try to figure out a date to come for a visit!

    Love you lots,


  4. Oh my gosh…those little ones are so cute!! And they are getting big, too. 🙂

    We have a WWII plane museum very close to where we live. Actually it is between where we live and where our son lives. We went out there once and it was interesting.

  5. Oh, I bet that was an interesting visit. I just LOVE those old war planes – gives such feeling for history, all those faiths. How wonderful to meet someone that have been living in that time. Truly fascinating.

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