4 Weeks Old!!!

Friday was a busy day. We have now entered the time when Greta can no longer keep up with the bodily functions of the puppies all by herself. This means that I am changing the box fairly frequently, and the puppy laundry begins to be a challenge.

The puppies are growing and they are all at least 2 1/2 pounds now, with Calvin tipping the scales at 2 pounds 12 ounces! He is one big boy! They all do have personalities all their very own, too.

Here is our little Miss. She has been adopted by Abigail, and her new forever name will be “Schnapps”!

Sept. 25 Christel

Here is Caspar. He is a roly-poly, cuddly little guy. A really happy guy!

Sept. 25 Caspar

The pups are all still being taken care of by their Mom. Greta is truly a fabulous mommy to these babies. I think she is even better this time than she was the last. Perhaps it is because she is a seasoned mother now. She doesn’t leave them for too long, despite the fact that they are 4 weeks old today! She does come out and visit with us, but then goes back, lest one or the other of the puppies want to have some milk.

Sept. 25 004

Can you believe that 4 weeks have passed? I can’t. I just know that this litter’s time with us will fly by and very soon they will be on their way to their new forever homes!

12 thoughts on “4 Weeks Old!!!”

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on their progress. We are thankful to see all the pics. Especially of Claus and Caspar, who will soon become part of our family of displaced Red Sox fans. In fact, we have chosen the name “Wally” (The Big Green Monster) for Mr. Green (Claus), and “Fenway” for Mr. Blue (Caspar). Thanks again Maribeth. You are doing a great job!

  2. They are darlinger and darlinger! Schnapps, huh? LOL! THAT doesn’t start with C! It is cute though!

    You know… I think “blue” does fit you!

  3. How much the puppies have grown since I stopped by last! That plastic pool is such an incredible idea. The puppies have plenty of room but are confined — for now. 😉 Soon, though, there will be no keeping them in anything. The real fun starts then!

  4. The puppies are so cute, can’t believe they are your 3rd litter (that is right???, can’t remember’). I wish I could have one.

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