See How They Grow

I spent part of the afternoon taking pictures. Now I wish I was as good a photographer as my sister and cousin

Janet, alas they got the talent! I just have the desire to at least try.

So I sat on the floor in the puppy room and snapped picture after picture of my little darlings. (75 I think!), coming up with a few that I liked. They are getting so grown up now and tomorrow I will be making up their cardboard box. I have this wonderful idea of how to cut the top and sides to make a nice roomy box. Once I get done, I will take a few pictures, I promise.

For now, I have these little guys trying to climb out of the box, and the nicest thing about that? Well, they are doing it in an attempt to get to Makenna and me.

Here is Caspar, who we found out yesterday, will be nicknamed “Fenway”.

Sept. 26 Caspar

Here is Curt. He is a real sweetie.

Sept. 26Curt37

Here is Christel, “Schnapps” biting Curt! Several of the pups have just cut teeth.

Sept. 26 Schnapps and Curt

Calvin trying to climb out of the box and get to Makenna.

Sept. 26 Calvin22

Here is the best shot yet of Claus, “Wally”!

Sept. 26 Claus21

Here are the boys watching Makenna!

Sept. 26 032

So what do you all think of my babies? Aren’t they just the cutest?

12 thoughts on “See How They Grow”

  1. I think you are fishing for compliments, because your pictures are very good, lol !
    If you can avoid the flash do it. I have to do it with my cats otherwise they have two headlights in their head instead of eyes. The puppies’ eyes look grey blue probably because of the flash the pupil is enlarged. I learned this from an animal photographer ! It’s very hard to do good pictures of animals ! For that flowers, landscapes and humans are more easy !

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