Coffee & Wagging Tails

I had to cross our beautiful state to go to see a doctor today. It’s a lovely time of year to do this, with the leaves changing and crisp Autumn winds. So, after feeding the pups their breakfast, I headed quickly to Weight Watchers, and then off I drove to Dartmouth. I saw my doctor and then began the trip home.

I felt a little peckish, so I stopped to get a “Hot Light Latte” for my drive back. I waited a few minutes after getting the coffee at the drive through before picking it up to drink. The girl had not placed the lid firmly in place and before I knew it the paper cup seemed to attack me with squirting coffee. It covered my light gray pants, the steering wheel and even the windshield of the car!

I will not tell you the terrible words that slipped passed my lips, let us just say, I was not a happy girl!


I arrived back home and after throwing my pants into the washing machine, I came upstairs to my babies. Curt heard my voice, as I greeted the other dogs, and he started to fuss and whine. I went into the puppy room and there he was, waiting for me with bright eyes and a wagging tail!

Sept. 30 Curt20

I went in and one by one, I picked up the babies and held them. Here is Schnapps!

Sept. 30 Schnapps21


Sept. 30 0Fenway22


Sept. 30 Wally18

And Calvin.

Sept. 30 Calvin19

They are doing so well. Calvin, Curt and Schnapps are all over three pounds, with Fenway and Wally close behind.

They eat twice a day a gruel mixture, and by next week I will be starting to mix up puppy chow and make it soggy for them, to learn to eat.

9 thoughts on “Coffee & Wagging Tails”

  1. Oh what adorable pictures! What adorable pups! What an adorable you! Sorry about the coffee, did it come out of the pants? Love YOU, Mel

  2. I wished I could have been a little mouse in your car ! it was certainly very funny, lol !
    The pups each day more cute if it is possible !

  3. They are all soooo cute! It´s sounds like you are being kept busy, with all the feeding. But they are thriving under your love!

  4. Ohhhhh MB! That is NOT a happy coffee story! But now I’m feeling a need to go make… maybe 1/2 a pot! It’s LATE in the day for coffee… but I’m collllld right now!

    Those pups just get cuter and cuter! I wonder when Calvin & Curt will get their forever names?

  5. I am glad you weren’t seriously injured in your coffee attack! I don’t ever drink coffee in the car anymore..that is why hehehe. I very rarely drink coffee from any papercups, except once in a great while when I splurge and grab a latte on the way to work. But being totally economical I usually wait till I get home or to the office. But then again a cross the state trip is a good enough excuse to need a perk up! Hope your doctor visit went ok. The puppies are truly adorable and now are really looking like small Dackels! We love them all!

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